About Us

This is a true story about an Ugly snackling.

In fact, it’s a story that almost wasn’t told because these sweet little snacks are just that — Ugly.

We have to be honest, before they were born, we never gave much thought to how our snacklings might look.
We were just tired of finding half-eaten, fully-crumbled granola bars in the backseats of our cars and thought,

“Wouldn’t it be good to make something healthy & convenient?”
“Something nutritious & great tasting?”
“Something really, truly, good?”

So we mixed up the highest quality dried fruits and nuts.
We hired a flavor guru to make sure even our pickiest kids would find them delicious.
We said “no way” to added sugars, gluten, and GMOs.

And out came these little irregularly shaped brown things.
Sized exactly right for a single bite.
But more unsightly than we ever could have imagined.

Our first instinct?
“Send them back!”

Our second instinct?
“Fix them up, smooth them out!”

But then we tried one.
And then we ate the whole rest of the batch.
And then our kids kept asking for them.
So we had to make more.

Now, in an admittedly evolved act of setting our superficial instincts aside, we’ve decided to love our hideous little darlings for exactly what they are:
Good & Ugly.

We’re proud to show them off & share them with you.
So proud we put a little see-through window on the front of our bags, so you can gaze at these little darlings from near or far.

We hope you’ll love them & share them too.

Good & Ugly. Unsightly snacks for sharing.


Life isn’t always easy. So the last thing we’d ever do is give you a product that made things more difficult. Our bites come in easy-to-open and convenient-to-reseal packages. Our beautifully irregular nuggets are mouthsized for ease of eating. Take us on the go. Throw us in a diaper bag or a soccer bag.


While the bland routine of daily life can feel less than inspiring, we know that a little burst of joy can can go a long way. We hired a flavor-guru, dedicated solely to creating interesting flavor combinations that will bring gladness to your tastebuds. We chose bright bold colors for our packages so every time you see us, you can feel a little uplift.


We like options & choices. And our kids do too. So we’re committed to giving you an experience that feels varied & interesting. Packaging colors that span the spectrum. Language that shifts & bounces. New products & flavors rotated into the mix often. Never boring, always surprising.


If it isn’t simple, it’s complicated. And at Good & Ugly we don’t do complicated. From our short list of pronounceable ingredients to our no-mess packages, we think people feel better when they don’t have to try too hard to figure it all out. So we keep things simple & straightforward.